Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reflection on Alms Giving

Dear Son,
If you give alms to the poor, know that inasmuch as you do good works for your neighbour, so much and more do you do for yourself. St. Anthony says: “Both life and death come to us from our neighbour.” St. Peter Damascene writes: “As the poor should give thanks to God and love the rich who do them good, even more should the rich give thanks to God and love the poor; for they are saved by the providence of God, both now and in the future age, because of their alms. For without the poor, they not only cannot attain the salvation of their souls, but they also cannot avoid the temptations of wealth.” Alms which are given out of vanity or with disdain are of no benefit. In earlier times, the wealthy would bring gold to the hermits and beg them to accept it. It was a rare occurrence for the hermits to accept alms gladly, and when they did, it was out of compassion for the rich. The most destitute of men received alms out of compassion!

Love you son,

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