Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Church New Year

Through the events of the liturgical year which begins today we actually relive with Christ the great events of His life. Unlike a movie or a play, however, which merely reenacts the events in the life of a great person, the liturgical year not only reenacts those events but also places us in each event. An existential encounter takes places between us and Christ in the events of His birth, crucifixion, resurrection, etc. These sacred events are mystically present in the Church here and now. We reenter each event in such a way that it becomes a unique and refreshingly new act of salvation for us today. Thus, far from being a cold and lifeless representation of the events of the past, the liturgical year is a living and personal encounter with Jesus today. Today He comes to be born in the manger of my soul and yours to bring us new life. Today He offers me His precious Body and Blood for my salvation. Today He hangs on the cross for me. Today He is resurrected and I am resurrected with Him. Today He is transfigured and I am transfigured with Him. Today He ascends into heaven and I ascend with Him. So it is that the beautiful word "today" tears down the walls of the past and the future and makes Christ the eternally present One, Who is "the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8).

Each year the liturgical calendar relives and makes present again the sacred events of our salvation so that we are there when they happen. The past reaches out and joins the present. The acts of God for His people are not buried in the past. They live in the present. History does not exhaust grace. God is present through the centuries. He never ceases accomplishing the work He has begun.
Extracted from page 253 of Daily Vitamins of Spiritual Growth by Anthony M. Coniaris

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